Getting content from the horse’s mouth


In addition to our thirst for cultural exploration, we have a passion for videography and documentary. There is nothing we like more than setting off to new areas and capturing people’s thoughts, rituals, habits, quirks, and awesome personalities. From this material, we distill cultural triggers and paradigms to create great and involving stories.

Our uniqueness lies in the way we engage with respondents, our “maieutic” style of interview, that allows people to express their views in a truly comfortable conversational fashion, but still brings them to the pertinent answers we need to secure.

There is often overlap between ethnographies, strategic reportages and brand content. We have been asked many times to produce brand content based on our documentaries and videos. We love to do that work, in an age where brands and communicators are turning their back to fabricated messaging and advertising conceits, to embrace peer to peer, spontaneous dialogue with customers, stake holders and, in fact, society.